Ugandan Neverland

Uganda holds the World record as the youngest nation on the planet, with a median age of just 15,2. It means that exactly half of the population is under the age of 15, and if we consider all the under-18s, it reaches up to 70% of the entire nation.

Riccardo Bononi

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Riccardo Bononi

Graduated in two different fields of social sciences, psychology and anthropology, since 2010 Riccardo has been working as visual anthropologist at the Irfoss Institute in Padua, Italy. In 2015 he joined international agency Prospekt Photographers based in Milan, and in 2022 he joined the American agency Institute. In 2019 he became art director of IMP International Photojournalism Festival in Padua.

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Une belle vie, une belle mort

Could you imagine a world where the very idea of the death doesn’t exist? Where people are not scared of the dead and the obsessive taboo related to human caducity doesn’t affect anybody?

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The Graveyard Generation
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