Graduated in two different fields of social sciences, psychology and anthropology, Riccardo is a member of Prospekt Photographers international photo agency. Since 2010 Riccardo worked as visual anthropologist at the Irfoss Institute in Padua, Italy.

While combining photography and audiovisual as privileged research approaches, he has been working in Africa, South and North America, Asia and Europe. Since 2006 he focused on the taboos concerning death, especially in Madagascar.

In 2015 he was nominated "Best Photographer of the Year - Professional Sport Category" at Sony World Photography Awards. His pictures have been exhibited in London, Berlin, Bucharest, Paris, Beijing and Lishui.

In his vision, documentary photography is much more than a mere tool for data collection: it is the base for an universal language, a bridge between people and places that allows to overcome the invisible borders among cultures.




Padua - Venice area


+39 393 428 3952


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