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Las Valkyrias de Bolivia

El Alto, La Paz, 2013

Bolivia is proud of being the Latin American country with the highest the number of actively working women. Bolivian women no longer are the subject for the "weaker sex" prejudice, they are rather associated with the outstanding physical stamina, the inclination to struggle and the great brute strength. Then must not be surprising the fact that, in the poorest neighborhood of La Paz (4000 mt), a bunch of female farmers from the countryside get every Sunday on the ring for a public fight. Wearing the traditional cholitas' (the term originally refers to the "indigenous mixed race" people) clothes and bowlers, Bolivian Valkyries deal with even more demanding fights once they get off the ring, raising their children all by themselves and working between the fields and the urban street markets.


1st Prize - Professional sport - World Photography Awards 2015


"This is a terrifically composed series, full of great colour. I love the sense of drama and you can really feel the strength of the women in the photographs. The work deals with the subject in a very different way that you wouldn't normally see. It was a set that all the judges instantly felt had to be the winner" Sue Steward, UK, Writer/Photography Curator

"The offbeat series of works in this category were the best and this was certainly that. I like it because you really felt you were part of the action" Maria Pieri, Editorial Director, National Geographic Traveller, UK

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